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E-marketing through whatsapp is one of the methods of electronic marketing that seeks to benefit from the global spread and the great characterized by the application of whatsapp in all regions of the world, especially in the Arab region due to the large number of users and the possibility of creating an electronic market for any product of any kind, whether a service or commodity or Electronic site.

In order to realize the importance of online marketing through the application of whatsapp,  Holol marketing  provides you with a number of facts about the application of whatsapp, which makes it the most powerful means of e-marketing to reach as many targeted customers as possible by exploiting the large number of users of the application. The number of users of the whatsapp application reached 800 million users of all age groups and target segments. The number of users of the application increases daily, while the average number of users per week is about three and a half hours. And the media files that traded on the application of whatsapp up to about 200 million voice messages and 100 million video clips and more than 700 million images and up to 30 billion messages a day.


Whats App - Tamayoz


Therefore, Holol marketing  for e-marketing and marketing through whatsapp application exploits the huge number of WhatsApp users in their marketing campaigns whether in text, audio, video or image messages. Holol marketing  direct interaction with whatsapp users, thus opening a communication channel between your company and the target audience, leading to a reputation and reputation for brands that have an impact on the minds of customers.



Whats App - Tamayoz



The advantages of e-marketing through WhatsApp with Holol marketing



  1. Fewer amounts spent on marketing campaigns across the whatsapp compared to results achieved in comparison to traditional marketing campaigns.


  1. The number of users who interact with messages is more than the other methods because the average user follow-up of the whatsapp daily is 24 times the rate per hour.


  1. Facilitate communication with interacting users who turn into customers.


  1. Customer service provided by the company and continuous technical support to answer your inquiries.


  1. Provide periodic reports on all marketing operations that are conducted to inform you of the latest developments.


  1. Make price plans cannot compete.


  1. The long experience and skill possessed by the company's marketing team make it very easy to deal with all the circumstances.