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social media


E-marketing through social networking sites is the most powerful means of electronic marketing, which done through social interaction with the target audience, which leads to transformation of many of them to existing customers thanks to  proliferation of social networking sites and the endless number of visitors and participants of social networks.

E-marketing through social networks done through social networking sites using the constant presence of users of those sites from the target audience to reach the marketing goal that being done by organization with the team of marketers.

Examples of these marketing goals are: Expanding the circle of customers by focusing on the targeted segment. Marketers also strive to do continuous communication between the organization and its customers. The basic principles of marketing through social networks are marketing the brand of the organization, achieving its wide fame and working on Increase the number of visits to the company's website.

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The most famous networks and social networking sites are...


(Facebook — Twitter — YouTube — Google Plus — LinkedIn — Instagram — Pinterest — Tumblr)


As for Holol marketing in this field, the marketing team of Holol marketing is fully aware of t importance of marketing through social networks and their ability to promote brands , fame and the extent of impact on customers and their ability to attract them to deal with companies and organizations.



The importance of social networks


The marketing plan of the organization based on all types and aspects of marketing, including traditional marketing and electronic marketing, and we cannot lose sight of importance of each of them in promoting the company and work to increase its customers and bring many of the targeted customers... The electronic marketing must be within the marketing plan for the company, Who use social networks do not look to buy while browsing their accounts, but through social networks can  ready for them to make sales , increase communication with them , interest them to earn their loyalty and then shift from the target client  to the current client .


social media marketing _ Tamayoz


This concern is represented in the following forms:


1.     Providing continuous technical support through customer   service and answering inquiries to build an atmosphere of trust between the organization and the audience.

2.     The speed of responding to complaints and inquiries and interacting with suggestions and expressing their opinion and show possibility of activation or not with the reasons.

3.     Promotion of the company and its permanent advertising to attract   attention of customers interested in the field.

4.     Share news and information about the company with customers whether current or intended to build a bridge of communication.