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No one overlooks the role of technology in the advancement of human life and its welfare and ease in the performance of work and duties, especially smart phone technology, which has become an intervention in all our work and became dependent on social communication processes, which helps to spread business and marketing and communicate with customers and build a world of trust between the client and his organization.

Among the features that are working to achieve the full benefit of the world of mobile phones is the marketing of products and sites and services through SMS, which is characterized by not requiring certain types of modern phones, but serve as a means of communication with customers, whatever type of phone used by the customer is known to All mobile phones include SMS service.


SMS marketing - Tamayoz



In this context, Holol marketing  is seeking to develop marketing strategies and the basics of marketing art that use short messages in marketing products, services and websites. Holol marketing communicates with mobile users in very large numbers at the same time, while working on targeting the targeted segments either in specific areas or categories Age and work to increase the circle of existing customers with new customers through marketing and propaganda messages that increase awareness among the public and increase communication with companies and work to build bridges of mutual trust between companies and their customers.



SMS marketing - Tamayoz



Advantages of SMS marketing with Holol marketing


  1. Is the cheapest way of e-marketing?
  2. Save and control messages with the ability to save them to work and send them again
  3. Multiple messages sent to users and segmented messages for a long message.
  4. Easily identify target age groups.
  5. Specify the locations or places where the target segments  located
  6. The rate of interaction with SMS and more information than her peers.
  7. Communication between the company and the client is open at any time.
  8. Controlling the budget for marketing by SMS.
  9. Building confidence and deepening the relationship between the company and its clients.