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is the means by which each of us seeks to connect to the web through which it has many advantages, including registration and the establishment of accounts on different sites and follow-up messages that are sent from those sites about the membership and new news on those sites, and the majority of Internet users to read email At least once a day to learn the latest news and details about subscriptions to sites, forums and other companies that are contacted by e-mail and receive many messages and files on their email.

E-marketing through email is a key element in the world of modern marketing through the Internet, which communication with endless numbers of customers targeted by sending marketing messages and propaganda, which increases the depth of the relationship between the company and its current customers and to find the target customers and the company's most important goals and news and offers Marketing.


Email Marketing - Tamayoz


In Holol marketing , we do not work at random. We work according to pre-set plans and make sure that the content of the message has all the visual and written elements. Also interact with customers who show positive reactions with messages of welcome and interactive, as well as send e-mails to the email that has full attention or in part with the products or services of your company and the team of Holol marketing  has the experience in determining the time of dispatch to customers and promotional messages with attractive addresses.



Email Marketing - Tamayoz


Advantages of e - mail marketing with Holol marketing


  1. E-mail marketing is inexpensive unlike some other ways of marketing.


  1. The use of email in marketing operations can be done by any person but preferably with the element of expertise.


  1. Changes can be made in the ways and strategies of e-marketing.


  1. The great spread achieved at this time and in the future.


  1. Email marketing leads to increased sales and broad fame.


  1. The most effective methods of e-marketing.


  1. It's easy to find out how effective your advertising and marketing campaign is and how it works.


  1. Consolidate the relationship between the company and its existing customers and the ability to get feedback from customers and get feedback from their opinions.