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Google adwords


is the most powerful and famous means which can be e-marketing through it... And why not?

It is an advertising service provided by the giant company Google, which controls the entire Internet market, either through its search engine or its major sites such as YouTube or sites that place Google ads to it, which is called Google adSense, It is an advertising program that publishes your ads in the search engine Google when you search with the words of the area of the advertisement All e-marketing is done to reach the first search results in the search engine Google, but with Google adwords, find your ad in the front pages so it is a major goal for every e-marketer These days.

 These ads also appear in similar sites that use Google adsense.


Google AdWords - Tamayoz


Therefore, Holol marketing for e-marketing services and has a professional team of more than 100 e-marketer, who have the experience enough to get to the forefront of your site and increase the number of visitors interested in advertising for your site through the Google adwords advertising program because of the impact on the progress of your site in the results Search and advertise your site and ensure that the Holol marketing  for  e-marketing services has the ability to catch the main keywords targeted to link to your site as well as target groups interested in the field of your site by determining the age target ages as well as areas that the ad should appear for its inhabitants and Use all electronic devices, whether laptop, mobile or tablet.

We manage your advertising campaign through Google adwords, taking advantage of the long experience with the advertising program and the ways of managing advertising campaigns through it by a team of experts and electronic marketers.


Google AdWords - Tamayoz


Google AdWords Features


  1. Study the market of the field in which you operate with the possibility of identifying the areas where the advertisement appears to reach the target audience that seeks to reach.
  2. Search for keywords that you will worked on and choose the best ones to link to the ad.
  3. Make a plan and study the sites that will be advertised through Google adSense.
  4. Fully manage your ad budget and rationalize it to maximize the benefit of advertising.
  5. Design a lot of visual and written ads and change them in the campaign.
  6. A detailed report on campaign management periodically and continuously.