Search engine optimization


means the use of some techniques and skills that lead to the end of the site to the results of the first search in search engines such as Google and Bing, and the results obtained by working to attract search spiders for search engines such as Google, which scans the pages on The web and send to Google servers giant and therefore work on those pages to be indexed in the preliminary research results of the search engine (Google) and then look forward to improve the ranking of Google, which enters this arrangement and affects many of the technical factors.




Seo by Holol marketing is done by a lot of technical steps that help to improve the results, but we remind them to simply work at the level of the page itself by doing the process of technical development  by developers and work on marketing the same content and give all the techniques that attract search engines towards this page, The work on the external level of the page is done by external links, which lead the search engines to your site and Holol marketing does not overlook the role played by social networking sites in the spread of the site and improve its ranking in the search results by suggesting the importance of the site and the interest of those who use it to the search engine.








Some factors required in SEO:



  1. The speed of loading pages either by improving hosting or reducing images and videos.


  1. Do not copy or duplicate content.


  1. Interest in the title of the page and explain and describe.


  1. Connect pages to an internal network.


  1. Work on naming links and pages with understandable words.


  1. Care and work to solve all problems and errors of the software.