Content Marketing : how to write a compatible topic with search engines ?

Content Marketing : how to write a compatible topic with search engines ?

  • 14-08-2016
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We talked before about Holol marketing  blog about what is content marketing? And what is its importance? We also talked about the extent to which the importance of keywords in the search engines, especially the search engine Google, in turn increased interest in the content submitted by the pages and sites and work to check the pages through the content and not through the quality of the keywords in them...


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How to write a topic compatible with search engines??


Content Marketing : how to write a compatible topic with search engines ?


The good content of an article is the most important reason of compatibility with the search engines and the main reason in building a site that is trusted by visitors.

Useful content is the main attraction of any visitor seeks to feed the idea, culture and satisfy the desire to get useful information, unique and exclusive on a topic.


To reach a topic with distinct content, consider some points:


First, the content should be singled out in terms of content and the subject should be exclusive And not copied from other pages and sites, while maintaining your writing style, And the most important goals that must be sought through the exclusive topics that you publish on your site is to get the confidence of Google and search engines in your site, which is the goal that brings many advantages and success to your site as soon as you reach.

Second, give yourself more time before you start writing the article, thinking about the elements that you will be presenting, arranging your ideas, selecting the important words in the subject, and distributing them in a professional way And use it in its right place to get a valuable topic in terms of information and not boring to the reader.

Third: A good and proper title, which is a brief description of the article that you write in, helps greatly increase the number of readers to this article.

Fourth, work on linking the topic to topics that are closely related to the content and mentioned their sources to increase the benefit to the reader and make the reader feel that you are trying to maximize his scientific and intellectual benefit in this article. At times, the topic is linked to video clips or links to official websites to confirm what is presented in this article, which gives credibility.

Fifth: Take care of the general form and general structure of the article through the proportion of texts in the example as well as the number of pictures appropriate videos for each topic, which helps the reader to understand ideas and be careful not to feel bored with the abundance of texts and the lack of images and videos that explain the idea while at the same time to provide good content and useful.


Content Marketing : how to write a compatible topic with search engines ?


Therefore, it is best that your site contains the following percentages:

60% of the texts

30% of the photos

10% of the videos

These are the favorite ratios for Google and visitors


Sixth: Take care of the general form of the topic through three parts, which must be available in the article is the introduction, the subject and the conclusion, with the concern to communicate with the reader and work to give them an opportunity to interact, which helps in building a bridge of communication and gain the  reader confidence


Content Marketing


One of the most important modern trends that are being directed towards these days and providing good content does not stop when implementing these tips only ,It is a constantly renewed topic according to Google and other search engines in the order of their results.







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