Most 8 mistakes for SEO

Most 8 mistakes for SEO

  • 04-09-2016
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One of the first concerns of an e-marketer is to get to the first search results using SEO strategy. Every e-marketer is constantly striving to reach the first results of search engines and to advertise the site through social networks. Everyone knows that SEO is very important because it is the way to improve The first thing that an online marketer should be concerned about is not to get into the mistakes that affect the ranking of the site negatively, and with the developments and variables that search engines have become constantly becoming the SEO practices and techniques carried out by every e-commerce marketer very difficult, With each new technology for search engines, SEO strategy is changed to be compatible with and controlled by them at the same time must abandon the techniques that search engines changed or abandoned.


Economists have identified the mistakes that each e-marketer must avoid (8 errors):


8 most mistakes for SEO - Tamayoz


First mistake: Do not link images to content and keywords.


Optimizing the image and linking it to content is part of SEO strategy. When you link keywords to images that relate to the rest of the content, it will affect the ranking and make it easy to find search engines for images and site. The words related to the content are of interest to the search engines and ease the work of the search engines to get access to the images. Linking images to certain letters and numbers will not be useful in anything. They are just links consisting of a few letters and numbers that are not understood.


The second mistake: the overuse of keywords.


Content varies from site to site. At present, web sites are different from textual content. All of them need valid keywords to be used in the content and in SEO techniques. The use of correct words is important to reach the right audience and target SEO strategies. The search engines must also work to gain the trust of search engines. However, it is necessary not to exaggerate the use of keywords because the site congestion with keywords destroys the ranking of the site. The accumulation of keywords also affects content continuously and makes it bad. The large number of keywords does not benefit the site, but on the contrary, the keywords alone does not attract customers or Google algorithms and exaggerating the use of keywords leads to the blocking of the site by the search engines, and even issued a bad ranking. Therefore, specific keywords must be used with good content related to those words, and the content should be useful for those who read it.

8 most mistakes for SEO - Tamayoz

The third mistake: main title not specified.


Every e-marketer knows very well that duplicate content is the most damaging site error because once the search engines knows that the content on the site is duplicated or in the same format, it destroys the site's ranking and delays it much in the ranking .If the content is repeated on the site with the same title, it is necessary to find the correct page to which the URL leads and to work on the correct wording of the content to help the search engines to see that this is not duplicate content.


The fourth mistake: Do not index and ignore pages.


The first thing an e-marketer should do is index the pages on the site and should not forget to index any pages on the site because the missing pages, which are given a 404 error, search engines completely avoid them and Increasing the number of pages that have not been indexed leads to a bounce back and visitors feel cheated by the site. At the same time, pages with 404 errors will stop Google from crawling to the site.

8 most mistakes for SEO - Tamayoz


The fifth mistake: the site not updated and activated continuously


The design and development of the site consumes a lot of time may exceed the months to be consistent with the visions and requirements that the site owner aspires to be an interactive site so it must be maintained that the effectiveness of the site and its dynamism and keep it active linking with blogs and topics that are published on those blogs and not reasonable Linking keywords only and sitting next to the site without any activity, which leads to a decline in order and low traffic on it Working on continuous and periodic updates on the site helps to keep up its ranking and even provides this arrangement, especially when working on a specific and systematic schedule to activate the site, which in turn attracts the attention of search engines to your site.


The sixth mistake: Lack of interest in publishing on social Media.


E-marketing through social networks is a very necessary and inevitable thing to do in the world of e-marketing and has a key role in attracting the attention of search engines to the content of your site that you share with users of social networks, especially (face book, twitter, Instagram, Google plus, linked in, YouTube(.

When publishing on these sites and social networks gives a good impression on the search engines and to tell them of the seriousness of the site and credibility and the extent of benefit to the visitors and the main goal sought by all is to increase the number of customers and followers is not achieved significantly after publishing and interacting on social pages , Which in turn attract the attention of search engines to your site and thus increase the number of visitors with the rooting of the brand of your site in the minds of many customers and visitors.

8 most mistakes for SEO - Tamayoz

The seventh mistake:  Lack of internal links


There are some common mistakes that links and backlinks cause damage to the site because once search engines know that there are internal links that lead to other pages inside the site you block the site and put it in the blacklist.

This belief is wrong and baseless. On the contrary, reverse links help search engines to crawl your site so please focus on the site's main pages and formulate some of their own topics and link them back to those pages because these links are very important in the success of SEO strategy Which is working on them, but it must be sure to connect between links and topics in the sense and create a network of internal links that link similar topics to each other.


The eighth mistake: Follow developments and measure the progress achieved


It is important to follow the progress that has been reached for a moment at a moment, and  it is necessary to follow the strategy that is working from the beginning and know the latest developments that occur periodically And follow-up the progress of the order on the search engines as well as social networking pages must be followed up and know the progress in the number of hits and follow-ups reached by knowing the progress of a mechanism that makes you realize what has been achieved from the plan you work on any part needs to be energized and strengthened to reach the goal that the mechanism seeks.




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