How to Create a website

How to Create a website

  • 23-06-2016
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Learn how to create a website


 You can create a new web site, the subject is very simple and all you have to do is know these steps…  Holol marketing  offers you some tips that may help you in the design of websites as well as web programming and purchase of hosting.


How to create a website


First: Select the name and domain


How to create a website


The domain is the title of the webpage at the top of the page (link) 

It must be proportionate to your site and be...


  1. Free from any spelling mistake or letters written in error.
  2. Prefer not to have any number in the domain name.
  3. The tags have no place in the name and domain.
  4. It's best to have a domain name associated with the type of activity on the site or brand name.
  5. The shorter the domain, the better it is and the easier it is to write it.
  6. When you use one of the keywords in the domain, it is easy for you to do a lot of things in marketing the site after that.
  7. Try not to infringe on property rights, this means that the domain name must not be used before.


How to create a website


Second: Hosting the website


Free hosting has some problems and negatives, but it may be useful only when you try to browse the site and search for something or learn.

The disadvantages are that free hosting does not leave you with the full option of specifying your domain name and the name of the hosting company is located in your domain, in addition to the ads are annoying and difficult to delete.

The content of your site is controlled by placing your topics in specific places and in certain forms, and weak protection of the site.

Paid hosting helps you get rid of hassle of free hosting, You find that the domain is by the name chosen under the condition of non-conformity with another domain, The degree of protection of the site is based on the price of hosting, but in all cases it is better than free hosting, in addition to the backup copy periodically to avoid the loss of databases in case of emergency.


How to create a website


Third: content of the site


Select the content of your site and of course, it must be appropriate to the field in which the site is allocated.

The content should be simple and easy to fit into the category of the site, and the design of your site should be convenient to the eye. Try to make the site's paths simple and easy for visitors to browse your entire site.


There are also basics to follow in web design


  1. Consistency between fonts, menus and color.
  2. Standardize the shape and size of the words on the page and the site.
  3. Do not change colors and do not use italic style because it is uncomfortable in reading.
  4. General coordination of the site to suit all the market.


How to create a website



Fourth: website design


Web design works on the general form of the site from the colors of the lists and link to the content and the general framework of the site using some programs such as Photoshop, Flash and other design programs.


How to create a website


Fifth: Development and programming of the site


Web site programming is working on the site to convert it from simple design to an interactive site.

Programming is the main engine of the site using the language php, which makes the site dynamic to allow interaction with visitors and allow registration, so the development of the site is what is happening behind the scenes for success of the site.



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