What is the concept of content marketing and its features?

What is the concept of content marketing and its features?

  • 30-06-2016
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The concept of marketing and its development


Traditional Marketing Through the banners in the vital areas and in the screens of hotels and public places has not come to the desired fruit at present.

The goal of marketing the product or service is to increase sales and thus increase its profits and then the development of marketing thought to electronic marketing through popular site companies that offer paid electronic advertising services such as Google, Facebook and YouTube and achieved the meaning of which is to increase profits compared to the old method of marketing However, this method still represents traditional marketing in electronic form. Of course, it has increased the impact, but it is still the same idea with the difference between the place of advertising and the means of advertising, so the real goal behind any advertising campaign is to maximize profit, build fame and keep the brand.

With the development of marketing thinking to change marketing policies to achieve good results while reducing the value of advertising or to ease marketing work on enterprises that cannot spend on large advertising campaigns to return the return of good thought marketing experts in a new type of marketing, which cost a little money but it costs a lot Of the effort and continued presence with potential and current customers to build a deeper relationship to their company through advertising.


What is the concept of content marketing and its features?


Content Marketing


Is a new concept of marketing, which depends on building a bridge of relationships with customers, which does not stop by simply viewing the advertising material, this type of marketing  based on the benefit of customers through the useful content that  presented in the form of topics attached to the videos and pictures and explanations that will give the customer a feeling To take advantage of the subject and the information that you want to display on the client, which will feel your presence always gives an atmosphere of confidence between him and your brand.


What is a good content?


Marketing content shall be in the form of topics, articles, blogs, drawings and statistical forms, and shall be supplemented by the marketing or promotional media to support the information and a means of achieving the greatest benefit to the customer. It should not be unnecessarily prolonged in the subject because it would cause the reader to feel bored, and the content must be characterized by the attractiveness of the method, the integrity of the language, misspellings of spelling and the way of presentation and suitability with the target audience has a significant impact on visitors and customers In addition to all of this should be a new subject entirely and not movable.


What is the concept of content marketing and its features?



Importance of marketing content.


1.   Increase traffic on site by increasing visitor numbers.

2.   When visitors enter the site and see the good content, visitors will be able to view the products and special offers on the site and this is the result of the length of their time on the site.

3.   Good content makes the reader follow the topics on the site and thus increase the number of visits to the site to be familiar with the presence on the site for long periods and thus follow-up activity and deal with the site.

4.  Good content fits the target group and therefore the good impression in dealing to be a strong relationship between customer and company.


What is the concept of content marketing and its features?


Some tips for success in marketing content...


1. Communicate and continue to exist and increase your connection with customers permanently and be careful to stay in their memory, especially in the seasonal work.


2. Continue writing and activate your site even with one subject per day or every 48 hours and greatest every week so as not to lose a lot of your followers.


3.  As for the social networks, it will not cost you much. Be sure to update some links, useful topics, inspirational articles or some topics related to your domain, video posting and other topics that do not consume much time.


4. be sure to take care of your customers so they like the way you work and if you are impressed with their loyalty.






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