what you dont know about sms marketing

what you dont know about sms marketing

  • 08-08-2016
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We often send and receive SMS messages via mobile... With the advent of smart phones and smart applications that help to send and receive text and voice messages through the Internet, but the use of short messages in marketing has a great impact on the benefit of the marketing campaign and maximize the return of them because the most important advantages of working with SMS messages is that this service is available in all types of mobile phones, both smart phones or old phones or poor in the possibilities , There is no mobile phone which has limited capabilities does not have the feature of sending SMS, which makes your ad reach each person you put in the list of transmissions of whatever type of mobile phone owns, In addition to some features that characterize the use of SMS messages in electronic marketing .


what you dont know about sms marketing


6 features you do not know about SMS marketing


1- The possibility of using the name and identity of the sender

You can choose the name you want to appear in the message with the possibility of placing a link to your site in the message, the appearance of the name and identity in the message creates a positive impression of the future of the message (target customer).


2- The possibility of sending wholesale

By some sending programs that send messages wholesale just as it happens in e-mail transmission.

 This process is done by creating a database with numbers and lists of current and target customers and Conduct SMS marketing campaigns using some SMS tools and bulk SMS service providers.


what you dont know about sms marketing


3- The ability to use SMS software interface by everyone (ease of use)

All companies that want to conduct SMS marketing campaigns, whether large companies or small companies working through applications and programs to send SMS messages to fully control the sending of SMS and the times when it sent Such as confirmation of orders, reservations or web site confirmation messages, and many other possibilities that these programs allow to fully control the marketing campaign.


4- The ability to efficiently track SMS

Unlike e-mail, a person can have more than one e-mail. Usually, many e-mails sent to one person for specific purposes and are not periodically visited.

 In SMS marketing, the person usually has a mobile number or two at the most, making it easy to track numbers and match them with people on lists. 


5- The possibility of mixing them with social platforms easily

The SMS programs linked to the social media platforms and linked to their contacts, which leads to the highest value of SMS messages at work.


6- Buying a mobile is a great deal and is getting the most

When using Google Ad Words for mobile campaigns, you should know that Google Boot is now analyzing your website to figure Quality Score when viewed on a mobile smart phone.






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