Social networking sites

Social networking sites

  • 29-06-2016
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Marketing through social networking sites is one of the main components of e-marketing.

 Marketing through social networking sites defined as the use of social networks in the marketing of a specific product or commodity by opening up interactive channels of communication between the company and consumers, using the advantage of the widespread social networks and the endless number of visitors based on the media to attract distinctive new customers.


Social networking sites



The importance of electronic marketing through social networking sites:


  1. Reach a large number of new customers and increase potential customers.
  2. Increase the traffic to your site and activate it and introduce it to the Internet as a result of the popularity resulting from the presence of visitors through social networks.
  3. Increasing the discussion and interaction on the company pages gives a good impression and adapt to the presence of the company, which leads to increased sales in the company.
  4. Build a business name and reputation for your company as the activity grows on the company pages.
  5. An effective way to connect with customers and build good public relations.
  6. Lower costs compared to other marketing methods.
  7. The diversity of use among many networks, which leads to increasing customer segments


Social networking sites


Why you must put your target segments of ad campaigns into consideration when using social media?


Because each social network has a fairly different audience from the other network, and at the same time, the ad content should be suitable for the target segment of that advertisement.


Some tips for marketing across social networks
  1. You must motivate your visitors, readers, and customers to share without disturbing them in an easy way.
  2. The content of the published articles should be good and useful as well as should be encouraging to participate and express opinion.
  3. Be sure to write your articles in a distinct and non-replicated format from other articles


Each social networking site has its own characteristics, a way of working on it, and a different brand.

Social networking sites


The number of users reached more than one billion people, that is, a very large number to be within the segments of the target customers, and Facebook characterized by pages that allow more details than in other social networks, there is no specific amount of content and it allows integration of video and images and multimedia files.



The number of users on twitter reached to 500 million people and comes after Facebook in terms of the number of users, but allows the promotion of products individually with definition of service or product and possibility of merging audio and video files, allowing interaction, but not like Facebook.



Google Plus uses more than 343 million people and is expected to outperform Google Plus on Twitter in terms of the number of users, and has many of the features found in Facebook, as well as many features that allow integration of marketing pages to many Google services such as YouTube, Google Ad Words and much more Of the remaining services.



Where the huge number of visitors per month and up to one billion visitors per month is a platform of endless content platforms and videos loaded in the world in numbers as high as 100 hours of video every minute, YouTube is the strongest marketing networks globally in the electronic marketing by video.


And many other social networks that can be used in marketing through social networking tools such as LINKED IN, PINTEREST and INSTAGRAM through images and visual marketing.


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