SEO techniques

SEO techniques

  • 11-07-2016
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E-marketing does not depend only on marketing products on social networks Or marketing services on different sites, There are so many types of e-marketing, the most important one of them called search engine optimization )SEO).


What do we mean by SEO?

SEO techniques


SEO is Initialization websites for different search engines such as (Google - Ping - Yahoo - Ask) and to improve the relationship between the site and the various search engines.

The site improved and developed through some techniques that will make the site top the search results in different search engines.


The methods and strategies used to get the site to the top of search sites


SEO techniques


The first strategy (white hat) 


 is the method used by Google and the other search engine, which uses the methods, authorized by Google and is driven to improve the quality of the site and its configuration.


The second strategy (Black hat)


is the illegal method, which is using free crooked methods to improve the ranking in the search sites, which is considered the first users of the strategy unfairly to them while others believe that the main objective is to reach the top of the rankings whatever the results.


SEO techniques


SEO techniques...


The techniques used in SEO divided into two criteria (Internal Standard - External Standard)


First: the internal standard (on page)

SEO techniques


The title of the page (domain) 

 one of the most important factors affecting the link of the site to search engines and the domain must be linked to site field and its keywords and ensure that the domain is not identical to the keywords so as not to be deleted by Google as spam.

Description of the Meta (Meta description)

one of the most important techniques that must be worked on which consider  the description of the site for search engines and the site classified to understand its content and should not be left or neglected, It is best to have separate and different descriptions for each page.

Meta tag

must be in the context of the content of the site and do not leave it because it defines the search engines to the name and address of the site.

URL and combination

the title of all the pages of the site makes it easier to improve the ranking of your site in search engines.

 If these titles are friendly to search engines, they should be short because the shorter they are, the better results will be achieved in addition to the keywords that should be included in the title.


is one of the most important techniques that helps to facilitate the search engine to understand the headlines on the subject, It also facilitates the reading and understanding of people and notes that leaves H1 for the main title of the page and the distribution of the rest of the sizes of the titles H2, H3 for the rest of the subheadings of the page.

The keywords

are used within the subject so that they are distributed in the content of the page within the context of speech to help the search engine understand the content of the page and ensure that the numbers of words are reasonable and not exaggerated so as not to be banned by the search engine.

The images

increase the beauty of the page and help to divide, segment the content and can work on it to improve the site.


Internal links

one of the most important ways and means to facilitate on-site navigation for visitors, which helps in the progress of the pages of the site and ensure easy reading of the search engine for the page.


Second: the external standard (off page)


Social media sites

do not overlook creating pages for your site on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus which is a gathering platform that can attract a lot of visitors in addition to linking the pages of the site will improve the site very much.



 Make a blog and Link them to your site and write them up and update them up to date to increase the number of visitors to benefit and read your posts, which benefit your site in the ranking.


Back links

 these links are made on forums that specialize in the same field of your site to back feed the search engines, which helps to improve the ranking of the site.


Blog marketing

 Build a good reputation for your site to increase the number of visitors to your site, which affects the ranking of the site positively through the discussions of topics and respond to them.





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