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Email Marketing

  • 03-07-2016
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E-marketing is a type of e-marketing and the most powerful means to reach a wide audience of targeted customers and depends on a very large number of users around the world, however, in the Arab world, it was not very interesting until recently.

The perception of e-mail marketing has changed as one of the most important means of electronic marketing in general because of its programs, sites and tools that help reach a large number of users.

e-mail marketing

Advantages of e-mail marketing


  1. Inexpensive compared to what is spent on other marketing means.
  2. Anyone who works on the Internet can use it but it is best to conduct this process through an electronic marketer due to the expert experience and follow the changes in the programs and strategies used in marketing.
  3. It has spread among users and customers and is known to everyone.
  4. Is one of the most effective marketing tools and transforms potential customers into existing clients.
  5. Increase sales and brand reputation.
  6. It gives you the ability to see how successful an ad campaign is and what sales resulted in it.
  7. Increase the ability to communicate with customers and receive feedback by knowing their opinions and reactions.


Disadvantages of e-mail marketing


  1. Some clients ignore the message as random messages.
  2. Legal use of customer databases, addresses and numbers.
  3. Bad use and bad intentions of some companies and the exploitation of mail in the promotion of fake products in order to obtain the rules of customer evidence.
  4. Some messages appear as spam and do not appear to the user or client.


e-mail marketing


Tips should be taken into when marketing by e-mail.


  1. Cannot work without a plan so as not to be a random work.
  2. Ensure that the content of the message is 60% textual and 40% is viewed as images.
  3. You must comply with the law to protect user data.
  4. Send welcome messages to those who show positive reactions to your messages.
  5. Resend the message to someone who has not read it.
  6. Try selecting the time you are sending message.
  7. The title is the most important part of the message because it is the first and last attraction to read the message so you should pay attention to the title in terms of lines and coordination and proper text.


e-mail marketing


Some programs that are used in the process of e-mail marketing

Emex 3

GSA email spider


e-mail marketing


Some websites help to send messages in large numbers.


Mail chimp


It sends 12,000 messages to 2,000 addresses.


Active Campaign


Sending to 2500 mail.


Benchmark Email


Sends to more than 2000 addresses for free.


Vertical Response


You can send 4000 emails per month to more than 1000 emails


Simply Cast


  More than 2000 emails, with many free templates available.



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